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PDF - Single Issue 01/2015

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foot&shoe is an English Journal for People manufacturing or prescribing orthopaedic aids for the foot. It dedicates itself
to all Topics important for an optimal treatment of foot



  • Imprint/Index of Advertisers
  • Research funding in the European Union
  • IVO Congress: Countdown to Paris
  • DiaBSmart: Intelligent materials for diabetics' feet
  • Intelligent insole is designed to protect
  • Smart phone apps as support of DMP-programs for diabetes patients?
  • Conferences and Congresses
  • IVO-News and Announcements of the Industry
  • Customer Complaints about Leather and Footwear
  • Treatment of talipes equini: correction options in functional and structural talipes equini


  • Treatment of Forefoot Problems in Older People: Patient information on appropriate shoes is as effective as podiatric treatment - Review
    by Markus Walther
  • Prevention of Recurrent Foot Ulcers with Plantar Pressure-Based In-Shoe Orthoses: The CareFUL Prevention Multicenter Randomized Control Tria - Review
    by Maximilian Spraul
  • Challenges for the Orthopaedic Shoe Profession and related research - Review
    by Fred Holtkamp and Fons Dehing
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